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Creepy Dolls - Chapter Five
"A string?" you questioned, grabbing the string and pulling it as far back as you could.
"Go to Sleep!"
You all flinched, taken aback by the deep rough voice, it sounded like a person who had been inhaling large amounts of smoke for years. "Weird" Trisha muttered as she absentmindedly dropped the doll in her hand to snatch up the one you were currently holding. Turning the thing around to look at every little aspect. "Wait a minute..." she was quick to drop this doll as well and snatched up the first one she had dropped.
"Does that one have a string as well?" Lance asked, curiously leaning closer towards her.
"Ah! Indeed, it does!" she exclaimed as she turned the doll around and located the string. "I wonder what this one has to say" she muttered, taking hold of the string and pulling it back. She winced as the sound of static played out of the doll. When it went silent, we all looked at one another in confusion.
"Perhaps it's voice box is broken" Lance suggested. "I mean we don't real
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Help - Nami x Male!Reader
Writing Prompt: ‘I found you stuck in the toilet because you ripped your pants ok so I had to lend you my gym shorts and it looks so funny on you I can’t breathe’ AU
No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening, not today of all days. You couldn’t risk missing any more days or else they’d kick you off the track team.
You paced around the boy’s bathroom, back and forth, biting your thumb as you scrolled through your contacts on your phone. Did anyone on the team have any spare clothes with them? Probably not and if they did it was because they already planned on switching into them. What kind of rotten luck did you have? Having forgotten your spare change of clothes for practice at home and ripping your pants just before practice started.
You couldn’t just go out there and run in ripped pants! You stopped pacing and threw yourself against one of the bathroom stalls, sliding down to the floor where you covered your face and groaned in agitation.
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Ruined Moment - Kid x Reader
Writing Prompt: Imagine your otp gently touching foreheads with half lidded eyes and soft smiles while they gaze lovingly at each other, holding each other’s hands delicately. Now imagine one sneezing and smacking their heads together.
You loved days like this, were Kid and you were left alone and he would treat you so sweetly. The comfortable silence between you two was just so calming as both your foreheads were pressed against one another as you stared at each other with half lidded eyes. His hands rested comfortably in your own as you intertwined your fingers with his. Just as you both started leaning forward, ready to share a kiss seeing how the moment was just right. You stopped as your nose twitched.
Your lips started drawing back as you desperately tried to hold back your sneeze. You failed. Your head drew back before moving forward as you sneezed, causing your forehead to smash against Kid’s. You both groaned as you rolled off his lap and onto the bed, clutching yo
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Intimidating or Adorable? - Zoro x Reader
Writing Prompt: “You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.
The first few times you had seen him around town, he looked intimidating, always having a scowl on his face. Roronoa Zoro was the new person in town and felt like the most intimidating person you had ever met. Well, he used to feel like the most intimidating person you had ever met. That all changed the first time you spoke to him and what a day that was. It had happened on one sunny summer day when you were heading towards the park to meet up with some friends.
Not that many people were out seeing just how hot it was, even you wondered why you agreed to head to the park to meet up with your friends. Instead of just staying home and keeping close to the A/C for its cool air. You were halfway there before coming to a halt, raising an eyebrow when you spotted the green
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Cute - Artist!Usopp x Reader
Writing Prompt: “You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU
You sighed, curling your fingers from how stiff they felt. You loved to write, but you greatly disliked when the teacher ask that your class do everything hand written for certain assignments that could easily be done via computer. But, that’s what happens when you grow up in a generation that becomes adapted to technology. You reached over, ready to grab another sheet of paper so you could continue with your assignment, only to grow confused when you found none. You looked over to the space you had sat a pile of paper on so you would have enough for this assignment.
Only to find that it was all gone, you certainly hadn’t used up that much paper in the amount of time you have been working. Looking around, you furrowed your b
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You Put Me Down for What? - Mihawk x Reader
Writing Prompt: Imagine Person A’s parent(s) leave Person A to fill out their own school (high school, college, etc.) registration papers. Person A has to fill out the emergency contacts part and writes the essentials (parent/parents, best friends/best friend’s parents, grandparent/grandparents, etc.). Person A needs to put one more person and decides to put Person B. Bonus if the school/university has to call Person B one day for whatever reason.
“Can’t believe they left me to do this on my own” you muttered quietly as you filled out the registration papers. It wasn’t difficult since you knew everything you should know when filling this sort of thing out, but boy was it tiresome. “Emergency contacts? This should be easy” you mumbled, writing down the numbers of your parents, grandparents, and one of your close friends and their parents. You stopped though when you noticed that you had one more space to put another number down. Furrowing
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Not Again - Law x Reader
Writing Prompt: “We’re roommates and I pretend to be your significant to scare off your one night stands” AU
“Hello” you stopped on your trek to the kitchen to look in the direction the new voice came from. Eye brows furrowing when you spotted the redhead that was just casually sitting on the couch in yours and your roommate’s shared apartment.
“Uh…hello?” you responded back, giving a slight wave as you stared at the woman in confusion. “Um, might I ask what you’re doing in my apartment?” you asked.
“Your apartment?” the redhead questioned, tilting her head. “I was starting to wonder what another woman was doing here” you heard her lowly mumble to herself. “But, to answer your question, Law brought me here.”
“Oh” you raised an eyebrow, mentally sighing to yourself as you strutted over to one of the small decretive vases you had set out. “I see, well no worries t
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 22 1
Appreciate It - Smoker x Reader
Writing Prompt: “This is the third year in a row I’ve been in jail on Christmas. Thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.” AU
You sucked in a sharp breath as you paced back and forth in your cell. This is the third year you’ve been thrown in jail for something ridiculous! Huffing you walked over to the cell’s bed and fell back onto it, lips twitching upwards when you didn’t hear the springs creak like you normally did the past two years. The covers didn’t feel stiff underneath you, no, this time they felt soft and cozy. Indeed, this cell was much different from the ones you had occupied the other times.
It was much cleaner and cozy. If it wasn’t for the bars that separated you from the open hallway and other people who had the misfortune of spending their time here on such a special day. Christmas. It would have felt almost homely; sighing you stared up at the ceiling, furrowing your brows as you could hear the lo
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Mature content
Don't Record This - Komaeda Nagito x Reader :iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 7 1
Too Short - Komaeda Nagito x Reader
Prompt: Person A is too short to reach the railings on the subway/bus, and all of the other poles are taken so they have to hold onto Person B instead.
You yawned as you leaned against Komaeda while the both of you were waiting for the bus. “Why are we leaving so early?” you whined, confused why you weren’t back home sleeping the day away. Summer was meant to be the time when you stayed locked up in your apartment and did nothing but sleep and eat. Komaeda knew this from being your roommate for at least over a year, so you didn’t understand why he had woke up and dragged you away from your comfy bed.
“We’re running a bit low on food and I thought it’d be nice if we went grocery shopping together” Komaeda responded, giving that precious smile of his. Your cheeks heated up before you adverted your eyes away from the cute display.
“Better be glad I like you or else I would have just ditched your ass” you grumbled, earning a small
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Star Gazing *Requested*
Story was requested by WritersTwinsandArt
Courtney sighed as she sat out on the porch of the Slender Mansion, her eyebrows furrowed as she drew her legs close to her chest and wrap her arms around them. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she tried her best to control her uneven breathing, oh how she hated those two. She detests the two, Jeff and Diablo, they both just knew how to get on her nerves. It felt so constricting inside the mansion that she had to leave. She needed this burst of fresh air to calm her.
Her once red eyes were slowly turning back into their normal baby blue color as they fluttered upwards towards the night sky. The way the stars twinkled across the navy-blue sky did wonders in causing her thundering heart to slow down to a normal pacing. Slowly her breathing soon followed as it returned to normal and she was left in a peaceful and calming state. Resting her chin on her knees, she felt her lips twitched upwards into a small smile as she continued to look upwar
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Jeff the Killer (Love Story): Chapter Three
-Chapter Three-
"Who's going to play first?" Cody asked as he held up the N64 controller after having finished setting everything up. It took a while before the file selection screen appeared already showing that there was a saved file on it. My eyes narrowed as I read the name written on the file.
"Knew it" I breathed out. Then again it could just be a coincidence, I wouldn't doubt that this was someone's way of pulling a joke on some unsuspecting stranger. Then again that stranger would have to have read a certain story to get the reference.
"I now see why you wanted to get this game so badly," I heard Drake say underneath his breath as he walked back and forth from the kitchen into the living room, sitting down bowls filled with different kinds of snake type foods. Before he took as sat down himself.
"I'm going to prove to a certain someone that I know what I saw the night of my attack" I said, bringing my legs up underneath me as I reached out one of my hands. Silently asking Cody
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Angel - Ticci Toby x Reader
You were nothing but an angel to him, his perfect little angel. Before the fire, before he had snapped you were his closest friend. He regretted not admitting his feelings to you before that day he was taken in by the man without a face. But that didn't stop him from watching over you. Everything you did was perfect in his eyes, you always radiated with a certain kindness that he wish to experience once again. 
You were the only person he would give his life for, the only one that would make him break his loyalty to his boss. But there was only one problem, the competition. Yes, Toby wasn't stupid he saw how they all  looked at you in that school, how close they all were to you. It was kind of rude of them to get close to his angel like that without permission. His body jerked with anger every time he saw how close one of your classmates would get to you, he had to teach them a lesson before any of them had a chance to contaminate you.
You weren't as unaware as your other cla
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Just the Way You Are - Zoro x Depressed!Reader
“You’re beautiful.”
You hated those words, they were nothing but lies and you knew it. How could he even say that? How could he look at you and think you were beautiful? You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to hide as much of your exposed skin as you could as you drew your legs up towards your chest. “What are you talking about? Maybe Sanji’s right, your brain really must be rotting in that thick skull of yours” you grumbled as you looked to the side with a pout.
This was a mistake; how could you have thought this was a good idea. To strip down to your undergarments in a way to help build more trust in this relationship. To show that you both can be comfortable with one another while in a vulnerable state. Him with his perfectly shaped body and you with your self-inflicted scar covered body. From your arms, to your stomach, and your legs were covered in nothing but faded old scars.
Scars that were not caused by battle but by weakness. Tears
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Creepy Dolls - Chapter Four
“You seriously heard noises coming from your closet?” Zach asked, his mouth stuffed with chewed up pizza as bits flew from his mouth and onto the counter.
“Ew” Blair said as she grabbed hold of her plate and turned her body around in her stool ‘til she faced away from the counter. Roxie narrowed her eyes, wagging her finger as she gave a small lecture about why the raven haired male shouldn’t be eating with his mouth open.
“You sure it wasn’t just the cabin itself making the noises you heard” Venessa said, her voice small and almost nonexistent.
“Ugh! Come on, speak up we can’t hear you” Trisha groaned as she threw her head back. In return the raven haired girl shrunk back and mumbled a small ‘sorry’.
“It’s alright Venessa, you have no reason to apologize” you said, shooting a small glare towards the brunette that continued to munch on her slice of pizza while you patted your friend
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You're Not That Heavy - Komaeda Nagito x Reader
Prompt: Imagine Person A is very short and person B is very tall, but person A is able to carry person B bridal style.
"Komaeda! What are you doing out of bed?" you questioned, looking at the white haired boy as he leaned against the wall. "Mikan said you need rest if you want to get better" you said, scowling the older boy as he breathed heavily. His gray eyes glazed over as his pale cheeks were colored pink and sweat built up on his forehead.
"I'm fine, nothing's wrong" he mumbled to you as you crossed your arms over your chest.
"I see, so everything's wrong then, thank you for being honest" you said, nodding your head. It may sound confusing, but the white haired male before you have been infected with the Despair Disease as well as two other classmates of yours. Komaeda suffered, as Monokuma put it, the Liar Disease meaning that everything he said was a lie. "Alright, come on. Let's get you back to bed, Komaeda" you said.
"Sure" he said, taking a step back away from you while noddi
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Black Hat sketches by Skeleion Black Hat sketches :iconskeleion:Skeleion 564 11 Black Hat by Yereren Black Hat :iconyereren:Yereren 510 20 Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug by Khwan123-and-ninjago Villainous :: Black Hat x Dr. Flug :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 522 42 BLACK HAT by BITEGHOST BLACK HAT :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 695 27 Doodle || Villainous - Black Hat IS Grunkle Stan by FloatingMegane-san Doodle || Villainous - Black Hat IS Grunkle Stan :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,840 68 Villainous/ Villanos (Speepdaint) by DeepFriedPaint Villainous/ Villanos (Speepdaint) :icondeepfriedpaint:DeepFriedPaint 292 8 ComicDoodle || Villainous - Grunkle Black Hat (2) by FloatingMegane-san ComicDoodle || Villainous - Grunkle Black Hat (2) :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,452 51 ComicDoodle || Villainous - Watching over the kids by FloatingMegane-san ComicDoodle || Villainous - Watching over the kids :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,190 58 ComicDoodle || Villainous - Family Bonding (1) by FloatingMegane-san ComicDoodle || Villainous - Family Bonding (1) :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,554 81 Villainous - Siblings (not really) back to back by FloatingMegane-san Villainous - Siblings (not really) back to back :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,977 46 Fanart ||  Villainous - WELCOME VILLAINS! by FloatingMegane-san Fanart || Villainous - WELCOME VILLAINS! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,929 52 Villainous by xNIR0x Villainous :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 1,321 40 VILLAINOUS by juujii VILLAINOUS :iconjuujii:juujii 271 9 VILLAINOUS by holidayhearse VILLAINOUS :iconholidayhearse:holidayhearse 1,427 66 Villainous by Skeleion Villainous :iconskeleion:Skeleion 1,282 26 Enough by AimyNeko Enough :iconaimyneko:AimyNeko 543 63



"A string?" you questioned, grabbing the string and pulling it as far back as you could.

"Go to Sleep!"

You all flinched, taken aback by the deep rough voice, it sounded like a person who had been inhaling large amounts of smoke for years. "Weird" Trisha muttered as she absentmindedly dropped the doll in her hand to snatch up the one you were currently holding. Turning the thing around to look at every little aspect. "Wait a minute..." she was quick to drop this doll as well and snatched up the first one she had dropped.

"Does that one have a string as well?" Lance asked, curiously leaning closer towards her.

"Ah! Indeed, it does!" she exclaimed as she turned the doll around and located the string. "I wonder what this one has to say" she muttered, taking hold of the string and pulling it back. She winced as the sound of static played out of the doll. When it went silent, we all looked at one another in confusion.

"Perhaps it's voice box is broken" Lance suggested. "I mean we don't really know how long these dolls have been up there."

"Yeah" you muttered in agreement. "What about your doll, Lance, does it have string?" the colorful male blinked his eyes before remembering that he himself was holding a monochrome looking clown in his hands. Turning the doll around he grabbed hold of the string sticking out of its back and pulled on it. Instead of static or a voice playing out. The tune to 'Pop! Goes the Weasel' started to play.

"Ugh! That old nursery rhythm" Trisha scoffed. "Boring, looks like the only one to say something interesting is this little guy" she said, picking up the doll that she had snatched from you earlier, pulling on its string once more.

"Go to Sleep!"

That rough voice spoke up once again, causing you to roll your eyes before you started digging through the box once more. "Hey!" your face lit up for a minute, catching Trisha and Lance's attention as they both looked away from the three dolls they were examining. "This once looks like Link!"

"Who?" Trisha questioned as Lance scooted closer to you to get a better look at the doll you had recently picked up.

"You're right, it does. Except for the eyes" Lance agreed, before furrowing his brows as he stared into the black sockets that only had two red dots painted in the middle.

"Perhaps the previous owner's kid was into some really edgy stuff" you joked. You and your colorful friend snickered before jumping as you heard Trisha roughly drop three of the dolls back into the box.

"Well I'm bored, I thought there was going to be something interesting in this box and it just turned out to be children toys. I'm going to go take a shower. Have fun you two" and with that she stood up and left, leaving both and Lance alone.

"I should be heading off as well, but we should show these little guys off tomorrow to the others" Lance smiled before bidding you goodnight as he left, closing the door behind him and leaving you all alone with the dolls. You didn't make any movements to get up off the floor and instead continued to look through the dolls. You pulled out of couple of them, stopping when you finally came across a dog. It looked like a husky, but the bottom half was red instead of white. What really caught your attention though was the eerie smile on its face.

It was the same as the raven-haired teenager doll's smile. "Perhaps you were both apart of a set?" you questioned, picking up the teenager and holding it close to the dog. Suddenly a yawn slipped pass your lips as your stretched your arms upwards. Sitting the dolls down, you looked at the others you had laid out on your floor, trying to figure out where you wanted to put them. Despite their stranger appearance, they looked well-made and quite lovely.

"Ah" you hit a balled-up fist against the open palm of your other hand as an idea entered your mind. The bookshelf was still empty. Gathering up the dolls your started to sit them all up on the empty shelves before heading off to bed.

-Later That Night-

"This is humiliating, being treated like toys! Why the fuck did she put us up on this damn shelf?!"

"Jeffery, be quiet! It won't long before the others figure out how to undo this mess you've gotten us in."

"I thought I told you not to call me that, old man!"

"How much longer until we get back to normal? I'm starving."

"Not much longer, I just got into recent contact with one of my brothers, they're currently tracking down that old woman. She shouldn't be hard to find."

"Shh, she's waking up."

You groggily opened your eyes, sitting up as you looked around your dark room. Confused as you thought you heard people talking. "Must have been my imagination" you yawned, flopping back down onto your bed and turning onto your side as you fell back asleep.

-The Next Morning-

"Wake up!" you flinched as something cold, hard, and wet was dumped onto you.

"What was that for!" you snapped, sitting up right as your wrapped your arms around you and started to shake. Ice was spread across your bed sheets and a huge puddle was now underneath you. Your clothes clung to your body while strands of your hairs were stuck to your face.

"We're going down to the lake to swim, so get ready" finally looking towards your attacker, you saw it was Trisha. Blair, Roxie, and Venessa were all behind her, three out of the four girls already in their bathing suits.

"So, instead of waking me up like a normal human being to tell me this, you decided to dump ice water on me?" you frowned as the brunette dropped the bucket in her hands to the floor and nodded before turning on her heel and started to push the others out of the room.

"Just meet us downstairs in twenty minutes or I'm coming back up here and dressing you myself" she looked back at you and winked before completely leaving you all alone. Grumbling, you stood up and started to strip, only to stop and shiver as you felt like a whole bunch of eyes were focused on you and you alone. You didn't see anyone as you looked around the room, but still you grabbed what you needed and headed out of the room and towards the bathroom.


You sat with Venessa on the pier while the others swam around. There were moments when it got violent and certain people were trying to drown each other, but Roxie seemed to come into the picture and everything would go back to normal. "They sure are rowdy out there" Vanessa mumbled as she rested her head on her knees.

"Hm" you hummed in agreement as you laid back on the pier, staring up at the cloudless sky with a bored look.

"You know, you don't have to sit with me. You can go out there and have fun with the others" she quietly told you.

"Later, I already had enough water this morning" you smiled, closing your eyes for a minute as you basked in the morning sunlight. It was peaceful out, as the only sounds you heard came from your friends and the wildlife. Seems Venessa was thinking the same thing as she too closed her eyes while a peaceful look settled down on her features. That peace was soon interrupted by a loud scream, one that came from deep within the surrounding woodlands. You quickly sat up while your friends out in the water stopped whatever they were doing and stared wide eyed out into the woods.

"What was that?"

"Was that a scream?"

"Sounded like a woman."

"Is she hurt?"

"Is she alright?"

"Should we go investigate?"

The six that were in the lake all spoke at once, asking questions and looking at each other with looks of confusion and worry. You were the first one to react, standing up and taking off towards the woods. "Wait, [Your Name]!" Vanessa called out after you, standing up as she was quick to follow.

"Hey, where are you two going?" you heard Anderson call after you two followed by the splashes of the others swimming towards the pier. The scream didn't sound too far away from where you all were. You didn't care how rough the ground was on the soles of your feet, all you cared about was making sure whoever screamed was alright. You could hear the others following close behind you, asking millions of questions at once.

"Where are you going?"

"[Your Name], this is dangerous! Get back here!"

"You don't even know where the scream came from?"

"For all you know this person was way off the path and deep in the woods. This path just leads to a clearing!"

Indeed, your friends were right, you didn't know where the scream came from and this path would just lead you to one of the many clearings that was used for camping. But, when you finally reached the clearing, you came to a sudden halt. "Hey!" you screamed when you spotted three tall men standing over a hunched over figure that was curled up into a ball on the ground. The men jumped, looking back towards you just as your friends caught up and rammed into your back. Sending you tumbling down.

Groaning at the new-found weight on your back, you looked up, only to find that the men gone and the figure stilled curled up in a ball on the ground. But, from the small glimpse you got of the men, they all looked kind of similar to that faceless doll back home.  
Creepy Dolls - Chapter Five
All Creepypastas belong to their rightful owners
All OCs belong to me
You belong to yourself

Previous: Chapter Four
I want to make some YouTube videos, but sadly I'm not good at finding things to talk about and I was hoping you guys could help. Like suggest something you would want to see me talk about and give my opinion on or just suggest anything really. I would really appreciate it, I may not care much for this whole YouTube thing but I would like to fill my YouTube page with some videos. Hope you all have a good rest of the day/night wherever you are, bye. Heart 


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United States
I'm a very shy and quiet person, I love to write stories and I'm not the best artiest out there. I love writing horror stories and staying up late to watch horror movies. I only have a few friends and I have had some experience of cutting that I'm not proud of. I'm kind and try my best to respond to peoples comments.


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