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I Just Wanted a Dog - Werewolf!Zoro x Reader Ch.2
-Chapter Two-
You were greeted with silence the minute you walked through your front door, eyes scanning the darken home for a few seconds before looking down at the dog that happily stood by your side. His one good eye scanning the small living quarters as well, taking in the sight of his new home. The longer you stared down at him the more aware you became of a certain predicament. He was too big for this small home of yours. Part of you wondered why the thought had never crossed your mind while at the shelter, you should have realized with one look that a dog this sized needed a big home to go along with him. Yet, you still bought him, you still signed all the papers and laid claim to this animal.
You wonder what [Female Friend] was going to say the minute she stopped by to check out your new companion. You wonder what [Male Name] was going to say as soon as he spotted the animal whenever he decided to come back around. The minute you thought of the man you called your lover, your m
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I Just Wanted a Dog - Werewolf!Zoro x Reader Ch.1
-Chapter One-
Yours and [Male Name]’s relationship had always been a roller coaster of emotions, one that people would deem unhealthy with how quickly it’d shoot up one minute, only to crash and burn the next. One week you two could be snuggled up against one another, cooing out gentle words of love as you lazily watch whatever would be on Tv that day. Then the next you’d be at each other’s throats, you curled up in bed a sobbing mess and [Male Name] sneering out words that had people questioning his love for you. It was moments like those were you’d find yourself in a depressed state, sprawled out on your bed, blankly staring up at the ceiling until the loneliness finally ate away at you and forced you to be the adult in the relationship. Forced you to call the seething male with pleads of forgiveness and quiet apologies just so he’d come back around.
This week was no different as you found yourself curled up in bed, sobbing as you clutched your che
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Creepy Dolls - Chapter Five
"A string?" you questioned, grabbing the string and pulling it as far back as you could.
"Go to Sleep!"
You all flinched, taken aback by the deep rough voice, it sounded like a person who had been inhaling large amounts of smoke for years. "Weird" Trisha muttered as she absentmindedly dropped the doll in her hand to snatch up the one you were currently holding. Turning the thing around to look at every little aspect. "Wait a minute..." she was quick to drop this doll as well and snatched up the first one she had dropped.
"Does that one have a string as well?" Lance asked, curiously leaning closer towards her.
"Ah! Indeed, it does!" she exclaimed as she turned the doll around and located the string. "I wonder what this one has to say" she muttered, taking hold of the string and pulling it back. She winced as the sound of static played out of the doll. When it went silent, we all looked at one another in confusion.
"Perhaps it's voice box is broken" Lance suggested. "I mean we don't real
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Help - Nami x Male!Reader
Writing Prompt: ‘I found you stuck in the toilet because you ripped your pants ok so I had to lend you my gym shorts and it looks so funny on you I can’t breathe’ AU
No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening, not today of all days. You couldn’t risk missing any more days or else they’d kick you off the track team.
You paced around the boy’s bathroom, back and forth, biting your thumb as you scrolled through your contacts on your phone. Did anyone on the team have any spare clothes with them? Probably not and if they did it was because they already planned on switching into them. What kind of rotten luck did you have? Having forgotten your spare change of clothes for practice at home and ripping your pants just before practice started.
You couldn’t just go out there and run in ripped pants! You stopped pacing and threw yourself against one of the bathroom stalls, sliding down to the floor where you covered your face and groaned in agitation.
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Ruined Moment - Kid x Reader
Writing Prompt: Imagine your otp gently touching foreheads with half lidded eyes and soft smiles while they gaze lovingly at each other, holding each other’s hands delicately. Now imagine one sneezing and smacking their heads together.
You loved days like this, were Kid and you were left alone and he would treat you so sweetly. The comfortable silence between you two was just so calming as both your foreheads were pressed against one another as you stared at each other with half lidded eyes. His hands rested comfortably in your own as you intertwined your fingers with his. Just as you both started leaning forward, ready to share a kiss seeing how the moment was just right. You stopped as your nose twitched.
Your lips started drawing back as you desperately tried to hold back your sneeze. You failed. Your head drew back before moving forward as you sneezed, causing your forehead to smash against Kid’s. You both groaned as you rolled off his lap and onto the bed, clutching yo
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Intimidating or Adorable? - Zoro x Reader
Writing Prompt: “You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.
The first few times you had seen him around town, he looked intimidating, always having a scowl on his face. Roronoa Zoro was the new person in town and felt like the most intimidating person you had ever met. Well, he used to feel like the most intimidating person you had ever met. That all changed the first time you spoke to him and what a day that was. It had happened on one sunny summer day when you were heading towards the park to meet up with some friends.
Not that many people were out seeing just how hot it was, even you wondered why you agreed to head to the park to meet up with your friends. Instead of just staying home and keeping close to the A/C for its cool air. You were halfway there before coming to a halt, raising an eyebrow when you spotted the green
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Cute - Artist!Usopp x Reader
Writing Prompt: “You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU
You sighed, curling your fingers from how stiff they felt. You loved to write, but you greatly disliked when the teacher ask that your class do everything hand written for certain assignments that could easily be done via computer. But, that’s what happens when you grow up in a generation that becomes adapted to technology. You reached over, ready to grab another sheet of paper so you could continue with your assignment, only to grow confused when you found none. You looked over to the space you had sat a pile of paper on so you would have enough for this assignment.
Only to find that it was all gone, you certainly hadn’t used up that much paper in the amount of time you have been working. Looking around, you furrowed your b
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You Put Me Down for What? - Mihawk x Reader
Writing Prompt: Imagine Person A’s parent(s) leave Person A to fill out their own school (high school, college, etc.) registration papers. Person A has to fill out the emergency contacts part and writes the essentials (parent/parents, best friends/best friend’s parents, grandparent/grandparents, etc.). Person A needs to put one more person and decides to put Person B. Bonus if the school/university has to call Person B one day for whatever reason.
“Can’t believe they left me to do this on my own” you muttered quietly as you filled out the registration papers. It wasn’t difficult since you knew everything you should know when filling this sort of thing out, but boy was it tiresome. “Emergency contacts? This should be easy” you mumbled, writing down the numbers of your parents, grandparents, and one of your close friends and their parents. You stopped though when you noticed that you had one more space to put another number down. Furrowing
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Not Again - Law x Reader
Writing Prompt: “We’re roommates and I pretend to be your significant to scare off your one night stands” AU
“Hello” you stopped on your trek to the kitchen to look in the direction the new voice came from. Eye brows furrowing when you spotted the redhead that was just casually sitting on the couch in yours and your roommate’s shared apartment.
“Uh…hello?” you responded back, giving a slight wave as you stared at the woman in confusion. “Um, might I ask what you’re doing in my apartment?” you asked.
“Your apartment?” the redhead questioned, tilting her head. “I was starting to wonder what another woman was doing here” you heard her lowly mumble to herself. “But, to answer your question, Law brought me here.”
“Oh” you raised an eyebrow, mentally sighing to yourself as you strutted over to one of the small decretive vases you had set out. “I see, well no worries t
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Appreciate It - Smoker x Reader
Writing Prompt: “This is the third year in a row I’ve been in jail on Christmas. Thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.” AU
You sucked in a sharp breath as you paced back and forth in your cell. This is the third year you’ve been thrown in jail for something ridiculous! Huffing you walked over to the cell’s bed and fell back onto it, lips twitching upwards when you didn’t hear the springs creak like you normally did the past two years. The covers didn’t feel stiff underneath you, no, this time they felt soft and cozy. Indeed, this cell was much different from the ones you had occupied the other times.
It was much cleaner and cozy. If it wasn’t for the bars that separated you from the open hallway and other people who had the misfortune of spending their time here on such a special day. Christmas. It would have felt almost homely; sighing you stared up at the ceiling, furrowing your brows as you could hear the lo
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Mature content
Don't Record This - Komaeda Nagito x Reader :iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 11 1
Too Short - Komaeda Nagito x Reader
Prompt: Person A is too short to reach the railings on the subway/bus, and all of the other poles are taken so they have to hold onto Person B instead.
You yawned as you leaned against Komaeda while the both of you were waiting for the bus. “Why are we leaving so early?” you whined, confused why you weren’t back home sleeping the day away. Summer was meant to be the time when you stayed locked up in your apartment and did nothing but sleep and eat. Komaeda knew this from being your roommate for at least over a year, so you didn’t understand why he had woke up and dragged you away from your comfy bed.
“We’re running a bit low on food and I thought it’d be nice if we went grocery shopping together” Komaeda responded, giving that precious smile of his. Your cheeks heated up before you adverted your eyes away from the cute display.
“Better be glad I like you or else I would have just ditched your ass” you grumbled, earning a small
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Star Gazing *Requested*
Story was requested by WritersTwinsandArt
Courtney sighed as she sat out on the porch of the Slender Mansion, her eyebrows furrowed as she drew her legs close to her chest and wrap her arms around them. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she tried her best to control her uneven breathing, oh how she hated those two. She detests the two, Jeff and Diablo, they both just knew how to get on her nerves. It felt so constricting inside the mansion that she had to leave. She needed this burst of fresh air to calm her.
Her once red eyes were slowly turning back into their normal baby blue color as they fluttered upwards towards the night sky. The way the stars twinkled across the navy-blue sky did wonders in causing her thundering heart to slow down to a normal pacing. Slowly her breathing soon followed as it returned to normal and she was left in a peaceful and calming state. Resting her chin on her knees, she felt her lips twitched upwards into a small smile as she continued to look upwar
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Jeff the Killer (Love Story): Chapter Three
-Chapter Three-
"Who's going to play first?" Cody asked as he held up the N64 controller after having finished setting everything up. It took a while before the file selection screen appeared already showing that there was a saved file on it. My eyes narrowed as I read the name written on the file.
"Knew it" I breathed out. Then again it could just be a coincidence, I wouldn't doubt that this was someone's way of pulling a joke on some unsuspecting stranger. Then again that stranger would have to have read a certain story to get the reference.
"I now see why you wanted to get this game so badly," I heard Drake say underneath his breath as he walked back and forth from the kitchen into the living room, sitting down bowls filled with different kinds of snake type foods. Before he took as sat down himself.
"I'm going to prove to a certain someone that I know what I saw the night of my attack" I said, bringing my legs up underneath me as I reached out one of my hands. Silently asking Cody
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Angel - Ticci Toby x Reader
You were nothing but an angel to him, his perfect little angel. Before the fire, before he had snapped you were his closest friend. He regretted not admitting his feelings to you before that day he was taken in by the man without a face. But that didn't stop him from watching over you. Everything you did was perfect in his eyes, you always radiated with a certain kindness that he wish to experience once again. 
You were the only person he would give his life for, the only one that would make him break his loyalty to his boss. But there was only one problem, the competition. Yes, Toby wasn't stupid he saw how they all  looked at you in that school, how close they all were to you. It was kind of rude of them to get close to his angel like that without permission. His body jerked with anger every time he saw how close one of your classmates would get to you, he had to teach them a lesson before any of them had a chance to contaminate you.
You weren't as unaware as your other cla
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Just the Way You Are - Zoro x Depressed!Reader
“You’re beautiful.”
You hated those words, they were nothing but lies and you knew it. How could he even say that? How could he look at you and think you were beautiful? You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to hide as much of your exposed skin as you could as you drew your legs up towards your chest. “What are you talking about? Maybe Sanji’s right, your brain really must be rotting in that thick skull of yours” you grumbled as you looked to the side with a pout.
This was a mistake; how could you have thought this was a good idea. To strip down to your undergarments in a way to help build more trust in this relationship. To show that you both can be comfortable with one another while in a vulnerable state. Him with his perfectly shaped body and you with your self-inflicted scar covered body. From your arms, to your stomach, and your legs were covered in nothing but faded old scars.
Scars that were not caused by battle but by weakness. Tears
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Skylar Strife by kurachan26 Skylar Strife :iconkurachan26:kurachan26 5 6 Rasta Smoke by DJambersky666 Rasta Smoke :icondjambersky666:DJambersky666 20 0
Four loves of the night (Part 1)
It was an ordinary dark night in a forest area of London. The moon painted in red, brightly lighting the dark night sky. It wasn't a good time for the world, especially for the people of London, to move safely since the ghouls and vampires were circulating out, hungry for human flesh and blood. Deep inside the forest, a young 16-year-old girl was getting rid of the hungry ghouls who have surrounded her for a long time, smelling the fresh blood that has leaked from the wound she had acquired on the right side of her waist before she managed to escape and run away form her cruel and distrustful father. But it seemed that luck wasn't on her side as the ghouls were catching up to her and minutes were passing like seconds. Cabryella was running as fast as her feet could take her. Suddenly, she tripped over a small rock in front of her, making her fall to the cold, hard ground. Now the ghouls were right in front of her. Her eyes widened. 'This is it, is this my end?' She thought as she saw t
:iconfaoula16:faoula16 25 51
Mature content
Plans Change (Roronoa Zoro X Reader) :iconlyndsy24:lyndsy24 13 0
Something purple. by DJambersky666 Something purple. :icondjambersky666:DJambersky666 45 1 .: Whoa Its Improvement Time 2017 :. by gingie-liu .: Whoa Its Improvement Time 2017 :. :icongingie-liu:gingie-liu 19 1 .: Devils :. by gingie-liu .: Devils :. :icongingie-liu:gingie-liu 116 6 Is this real? by DJambersky666 Is this real? :icondjambersky666:DJambersky666 72 8 Axel day 2017 by x-Lilou-chan-x Axel day 2017 :iconx-lilou-chan-x:x-Lilou-chan-x 82 5 Death and Birth by DemiseMAN Death and Birth :icondemiseman:DemiseMAN 653 79 Smile for the camera by HyenaKay-Archive Smile for the camera :iconhyenakay-archive:HyenaKay-Archive 25 0 cuddle the Kazu by HyenaKay-Archive cuddle the Kazu :iconhyenakay-archive:HyenaKay-Archive 32 0 Sketchi9 006 by HyenaKay-Archive
Mature content
Sketchi9 006 :iconhyenakay-archive:HyenaKay-Archive 40 1
Winter Cold (Saitama X Reader)
    Saitama awoke to the smell of food. (Y/n) was in the kitchen cooking up breakfast for the both of them. The bald man yawned, he threw his covers off and sat up. He turned the TV on and switched through the channels until he stopped onto the news. There seemed to be no reports on any monsters or anything world-ending major. A plate was placed in front of him. "Morning Princess." the female joked. 
"Don't call me that." he replied in his usual bland tone. She chuckled and plopped herself down next to him and began to eat.
    (Y/n) shivered a bit. It was currently very cold in their small apartment. The season was segwaying into winter and it temperature always dropped in the apartment. Which THEN always caused (Y/n) to get ill during the season. After finishing breakfast she took both empty plates and set them in the sink to wash later. 
    The (h/c) haired girl walked back into the main room and slipped on Saitama's sweater. She chuckled to
:iconcaptainnerdy:CaptainNerdy 55 2
Dinner- Saitama x Reader
    You lie face down on the floor of your boyfriend's apartment.  As you lie on the cold floor, your stomach growls loudly.  Why were you so hungry?  You were WAY too hot to make yourself food.  The sun seemed to scorch down on you all day, trying to melt your skin from your body... Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it sure felt like it.  Not only was it hot out, but it was humid and there wasn't so much as the slightest of breezes.  At the moment, you just wanted to put yourself in the freezer for the rest of the night.  Yes, you were that desperate.
    "Why's it have to be so hot?" you whine to yourself.  You sigh, turning onto your back.  I hope Saitama comes back soon, you think as you stare at the white ceiling.  You weren't sure where he had gone, but it had been about an hour since you had let yourself into his apartment.  He was probably doing something superhero-y with Genos, like always.  You
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 22 1
Comfort [Saitama X Reader]
(Y/n) pushed her way through the crowd in hopes to see her hero fighting again. Her eyes widened at the sight of Genos, battered and broken. Along with Mumen Rider just a couple feet away on the ground. She looked back and smiled when she saw her hero. Saitama. She smiled as he ended it in his usual one punch. The Deep Sea King fell onto the wet cement. Motionless and lifeless, indicating that the battle was finally won. The crowd bursts into cheers and praised Saitama for his heroic act. The female cheered along with the crowd. That's my Saitama... a smile spread across her lips. The cheers and praising died when a man with unbelievable fish lips spoke up. 

"Or maybe...the monster wasn't really that tough?" he said, his voice was oozing with confidence. (Y/n)'s head snapped in the man's direction. How could it not be? It took down multiple heros incl
:iconcaptainnerdy:CaptainNerdy 52 6



333 deviations
-Chapter Two-

You were greeted with silence the minute you walked through your front door, eyes scanning the darken home for a few seconds before looking down at the dog that happily stood by your side. His one good eye scanning the small living quarters as well, taking in the sight of his new home. The longer you stared down at him the more aware you became of a certain predicament. He was too big for this small home of yours. Part of you wondered why the thought had never crossed your mind while at the shelter, you should have realized with one look that a dog this sized needed a big home to go along with him. Yet, you still bought him, you still signed all the papers and laid claim to this animal.

You wonder what [Female Friend] was going to say the minute she stopped by to check out your new companion. You wonder what [Male Name] was going to say as soon as he spotted the animal whenever he decided to come back around. The minute you thought of the man you called your lover, your mood started to dampen, heart dolefully aching as your fingers twitched beside your pants pocket. Tempted to pull out your phone and call the man, already forming an apology at the tip of your tongue. You stopped though when you felt the animal beside you bump his head against the palm of your hand, as if sensing your distress.

Wishing to bring comfort to you quickly. Releasing a breathless sigh, you smiled and squatted down beside the animal, quick to start running your fingers through his dirty and matted down fur. Already making plans to prepare a bath for him, but you soon stopped in your movements to stand and stared down at the animal, suddenly remembering that you had still yet to name him. “Guess I should do that first” you breathed out, fully plopping down onto your bottom and humming in thought. Silently breathing out random names that came to mind only to shake your head at each one, feeling that they didn’t properly fit the large animal in front of you.

The canine tilted his head, watching with a curious eye as your eyebrows furrowed in thought. Just as you were ready to give up, ready to find the nearest book of baby names, you snapped your fingers. A bright smile that hadn’t been seen in days tugging at your lips as you stared straight at the animal. “[Random Name]” you softly cooed, watching how the dog gave a confused look. “[Random Name] is your new name” you breathed out, chuckling the minute the animal huffed, as if displeased with the name you had given him.

Like he didn’t agree with it. You didn’t know why, to you it worked perfectly for an animal his size and smoothly rolled off the tongue. [Random Name] was a perfect name for a dog with such a rugged look. It was strange how quick your mood was to pick up, how the depression you felt these past few days was now shoved towards the back of your mind and replaced with a sort of happiness that this animal shouldn’t have brought to you so quickly. You were starting to wonder if you were running a fever, not even your friends could make you feel better this quickly with just their presences.

“Come along, [Random Name], let’s go get you cleaned up” you pushed yourself up and started to lead the canine towards your small bathroom. Not taking notice of the slight tug of his lips as his tongue lulled out and he happily followed behind you.


“Luffy, have you picked up on Zoro’s scent yet?” an orange haired woman asked, calling out to the raven-haired wolf that came bounding towards her and the others. His lips spread up into a wide smile and tongue lulled out as he came to a sudden halt, tail whipping around him wildly. He always did enjoy a good run. “Well?” the woman impatiently asked as she looked at her companion.

“Don’t tell me you just ran around without actually looking for him” a long-nosed man frowned, heaving a sigh as he watched the wolf’s smile widened, showing off all his pearly whites. “I knew we should have sent Chopper instead.”

“It’s been three days, I know his sense of direction is terrible, but it shouldn’t be this hard to track him down, unless…” the orange haired woman’s shoulders suddenly slumped downwards, an irritation mark appearing on her head as she barely lifted it when the sudden sickening sound of bones cracking and shifting filled the air.

“You don’t think he would have left the mountains, do you, Nami?” a blue haired man asked, pushing the shades on his face up to fully stare at the irritated woman with a raised eyebrow.

“If that’s the case then the idiot probably got caught by Animal Control, again” a blond sighed, blowing out a billow of smoke from his slightly parted lips as he removed the cigarette from his mouth. “Luffy! If you’re going to change back, at least do it where the ladies can’t see!” he suddenly snapped, looking towards the young raven-haired man that stretched his arms upwards and heaved a content sigh at being back in his human form. Not showing any shame at his lack of clothing.

“I didn’t catch his scent anywhere, but man that was a good run” Luffy smiled, quick to whine at the sharp kick he received to the back of his skull. “What was that for, Sanji?”

“Put on some damn clothes before you harm poor Nami-swan and Robin-chan’s eyes!” the blond sneered, two glistening fangs bared at the raven-haired man.

“If you can’t find his scent anywhere, then it seems Nami might just be right” a raven-haired woman piped up, calmly seated on a nearby tree stump as her calm blue eyes looked around at all of her companions. “Wonder who’s going to go and bail him out this time” she smiled.

“Can’t we just leave him?” Nami’s eye twitched. “I told him a million times not to go near that town and he does it anyways, let him suffer the consequences” she crossed her arms and huffed,

“Come now, Nami, there’s no need to be harsh” the loud clacking of teeth caught everyone’s attention as they all peered towards the skeleton that calmly stood still. His hollow eyes looking around as he spoke with a gentle voice. “It would be quite bad if they discover that he’s intruding on their territory.”

“What does it matter? We’re all just barely intruding on it ourselves” the blue haired man pointed out.

“Indeed, that is true, Franky” the raven-haired woman spoke up once more. “But, you know as well as everyone here what happens when unspoken rules are broken” she didn’t need to say anymore as they looked at one another, ears perking up at the low whimper that left the small reindeer’s lips as he now made his presence known while poorly hiding behind a nearby tree. “It’d be best if we retrieve him quickly” she said.

“I’ll go get Zoro!” Luffy smiled, hand raised high and waving around as he volunteered himself to take on the task.

“No, you will not! Last time we sent you, you almost blew our cover!” Nami scowled. “Usopp’s can’t go because he’s too much of a wimp-”

“Hey!” the long-nosed man snapped.

“-Chopper, Franky, and Brook are too obvious and can’t blend in. I’m certainly not going after that idiot, and Robin had to save both of your guys asses last time. Sanji’s going this time and that’s that” Nami puffed out her chest as she ignored the pout the raven-haired man was giving her, an innocent smile soon tugging at her lips. Eyes soon becoming wide and glossy as she looked towards the blond-haired man. “Isn’t that right, Sanji?” she asked in a small, heavenly voice.

“Anything for you, Nami-sawn!” the blond swooned at the sight, hearts floating all around him as he started to rush off in the direction of town. “I’ll bring the mutt back faster than you can blink!”

-With You-

You felt regret at not thinking ahead and setting down towels along the bathroom floor, eyes staring down at the mess of soapy water that had splashed out of the tub. The animal showing excitement during the bath with how he squirmed around under your touch, tail wagging around each time your fingers would scratch behind his ears or under his chin. You clothes now soaked and uncomfortably clinging to your flesh while your hair was dripping wet from the few times you had found yourself being jerked towards the animal. Losing your balance at his sudden movements. But, it didn’t stop you in your task, eyes soon brightening as you watched how the dirt and dried mud started to wash away and leave behind a slick black coat.

You tilted your head, noting how in the light the animal’s fur seemed to hold a slight tint of green. But you didn’t have time to dwell on it as your body jerked back the minute [Random Name] shook his fur after you had finished rinsing him off, flinging more water around and soaking your clothes even more. “You did that on purpose” you huffed, swiping a hand over your eye after a drop of water had hit it. Snatching up one of the towels off the towel rack, you started to dry the burly animal off. Shivering when he suddenly dragged his tongue up the side of your face once you were finished.

“There we go, all done” a small smile tugged up on your lips as you stood and opened the bathroom door, allowing the canine a chance to leave. “I think I might need a bath myself now” you noted, looking down at your soaked and wrinkled clothing. Your head lifted the minute the dog suddenly stood up on his hind legs and pressed his front paws against your shoulders, causing you to stumble back into the sink as his tongue started to attack your face. Instantly you reached up and pressed the palm of your hands against his chest in a desperate attempt to push him away. Though the affection was sweet, the feeling of dog saliva on your skin wasn’t the best feeling in the world.

It was going to take you a while to get use to this animal’s affection.


Knock! Knock!

You hummed as you looked away from the Tv that displayed a rerun of an episode you’ve seen over twenty times it seems. [Random Name]’s head seemed to raise up from your lap as well, his one good eye opening as a small growl admitted from the back of his throat.

Knock! Knock!

Once again, the sound of knocking came from your front door, the person on the other end not making a sound to inform you on who they were. For a minute you felt your heart swell at the thought that it was [Male Name] coming to apologize. Wishing to once again see and hold you just as much as you longed to do the same with him. But, that hope was soon dashed away as a dark thought crossed your mind, one that reminded you that he wasn’t that type of person.

Knock! Knock!

“Coming” you sighed as another set of knocks came from the wooden door, giving [Random Name] head a gentle pat before standing while he continued to growl, it slowly increasing in volume as he was quick to follow you to the front door. “Hey, [Female Friend]” you greeted the minute you pulled the door open to find your friend standing there with a lazy smile.

“Did you do like I said? Did you get yourself a pet? What kind? Can I see them?” she immediately bombarded you with questions. Pushing her way into your home without giving you time to speak before coming to a halt the minute [Random Name] started to snarl. His body crouched low and muscles tensed as he gave the woman a look that dared her to move another step into the home. Whatever bubbling excitement that had started to build up in her disappeared, her own eyes narrowing as her lips drew back in a sudden sneer at the sight of the animal.

“[Your Name], what is that?” [Female Friend] asked, taking a step back and placing a hand on your shoulder. You furrowed your brows, confused by her tone and actions before owlishly blinking when you noticed how her actions seemed to further infuriate your pet. His lips now fully draw back as he bared those pearly whites of his to the world, looking ready to pounce the woman and rip her throat out.

“My new dog, [Random Name]” you calmly answered, before flinching as your body suddenly jerked forward. That same tugging sensation from before causing pain to blossom in your chest, pain that didn’t seem to disappear until you stumbled right next to your pet. You pressed a hand against your chest, before lightly blushing and clearing your throat the minute you spotted the concern look on your friend’s face. Her eyes soon narrowing once more as she glared down at the canine that started to calm down now that you were beside him.

“You know, when I said you should get a dog, I meant something like a beagle or a pug” [Female Friend] muttered. “Anyways, have you made any contact with [Male Name]?”

“No” you sighed, shoulders drooping. “He hasn’t bothered to call or even attempt to come over either” you sadly told her, not even caring when you saw the pleased look on her face. Sure, [Female Friend] felt bad for being happy that you and the man you called your boyfriend hadn’t spoken once since the fight. But, she knew this was for the best, what you both had wasn’t healthy and hopefully this fight will be what kills it. Despite thinking this, she knew deep down inside it wouldn’t be long before you broke or [Male Name] decided he wanted to go at another round of bringing you down.

She was already hearing whispers from a few of his friends around town how he had been up to something recently. It scared her to think of what he was planning, she wished you’d just cut all ties with him. But, that was a dream of hers that seemed to mockingly hang just outside of her reach as your fear of loneliness clouded your mind from your common sense that told you to erase him from the picture. She blinked her eyes, curiously watching as your mood seemed to start lifting the minute [Random Name] bumped the top of his head against the palm of your hand. Seemingly trying to cheer you up.

Her gaze soon darkened the longer she watched the animal’s affectionate actions, knowing that he had to be up to something as his kind rarely showed any form of kindness to humans. If there was one thing she wasn’t going to stand for, it was the thought of physical harm being done to you. “Since you seem to be doing well so far, I’m going to head on out, there’s some things I need to do” she suddenly muttered, already slowly walking back towards the door. Never breaking eye contact with the animal that you were currently starting to shower with affectionate pats.

“Alright, be safe” you raised your head, stopping in your petting to wave at your friend. She only gave a nod in return before finally leaving you once again alone with your pet. Humming, you went back to running your fingers through the dog’s fur.

-That Night-


Your breathing was heavy as you screwed your eyes shut, body shivering at the warm touches of the wandering hands that explored every inch of skin that was exposed. An intense gaze directed towards you and only you as warm breath fanned out across the skin of your neck. Soon your panting turned to whimpering, head tilting back as you shivered once more at the feeling of a tongue licking up the side of your neck, the tips of sharp teeth lightly pricking at the tender flesh. The owner of said teeth barely putting any pressure, just hovering there as if they were waiting for some kind of sign to come along and tell them to continue. Your eyes opened just a sliver of a crack, drinking in the sight of the man before you the best you could.

It was hard to focus, your head strangely feeling light as your heart seemed to start thundering in your chest the minute you locked eyes with the intense emerald one that stared back. Seeming like it was glowing and swirling with a whirlwind of emotions with specks of gold splattered about in the iris. You breath caught in your throat at how intense his was and body soon starting to squirm the longer you stared into his eye, a pleasurable shiver ranking down your spine at the breathless chuckle he suddenly gave. Soon, another feature of the man caught your attention, finally breaking eye contact to stare up at the strangely colored strands of hair that sat on top of his head. Your lips twitching upwards, lips parting as you ready to speak, only for a scream to slip through instead the minute the man buried his face into your neck and an intense pain shot through your body.

His teeth that had once been just hovering and barely scrapping against your jugular now buried inside it and sending an awful burning sensation through your body. It hurt, that’s all you could think of. Just how much it hurt, hands moving to claw at the man’s back as you screamed. Body thrashing underneath him, desperately wishing to rid yourself of this burning agony. With each movement you made to push the man away, your chest started to tighten adding onto your pain and making it hard to breath.

You wanted it all to stop.

-End of Dream-

You jolted straight up in bed, swallowing thickly as your hands flew to your throat, expecting to find a chunk of flesh missing or a large amount of blood gushing out. Instead you were just met with the cool, sweat covered flesh of your neck. No blood, no tears or indents, nothing but smooth flesh. The longer you sat there in silence, the more your breathing started to return to normal while confusion and fear swirled around in your hazy mind. Unnerved by how quick the dream was to take a dark turn.

You found your eyes scanning the darken room before you, looking to see if anything was amiss only to find a mess of clothes sprawled around on the floor, a trashcan that was starting to overflow with empty cans of unhealthy carbonated drinks…nothing seemed out of the norm so far. Soon you flinched the minute your body jerked forward, that same tugging sensation returning once again as you forced your gaze to look at the end of your bed where [Random Name] slept. His breathing soft as he continued to snooze the night away, for some strange reason, just the sight of him was enough to erase your feelings of confusion and fear. Silently cooing at how adorable he appeared sleeping before heaving a small sigh and snuggling back down into the covers of your bed. With strangely only one single thought coming to mind.

Green was quite a lovely color.
-Chapter One-

Yours and [Male Name]’s relationship had always been a roller coaster of emotions, one that people would deem unhealthy with how quickly it’d shoot up one minute, only to crash and burn the next. One week you two could be snuggled up against one another, cooing out gentle words of love as you lazily watch whatever would be on Tv that day. Then the next you’d be at each other’s throats, you curled up in bed a sobbing mess and [Male Name] sneering out words that had people questioning his love for you. It was moments like those were you’d find yourself in a depressed state, sprawled out on your bed, blankly staring up at the ceiling until the loneliness finally ate away at you and forced you to be the adult in the relationship. Forced you to call the seething male with pleads of forgiveness and quiet apologies just so he’d come back around.

This week was no different as you found yourself curled up in bed, sobbing as you clutched your chest. Another fight, about what, you don’t know. It always confused you how quick his temper was, how easy he found it to find something to throw a tantrum over and blame you. Starting a small flame and quickly pouring fuel over it until he had you a broken mess that didn’t know what to do. Recently you’ve tried your best to hold out on being the first to apologize, knowing it wasn’t right to always let him slip by without an apology of his own.

Your friends all wondered what you saw in him, not understanding why you chose to stick around. Even you didn’t know the answer, you didn’t know if it was because you were stuck in a time when you remembered how kind and gentle he was at the beginning of the relationship or how your fear of being alone was stronger than your need to be happy. It was sick in away, the comfort his presence brought you.

Knock! Knock!

You barely lifted your head, quick to stifle your sobbing as you looked towards your open bedroom door and out into the darken hallway. Listening how the sound of someone knocking on your apartment door seemed to bounce off the walls of your silent home. Your mind was throbbing with millions of thoughts, wondering if it was him, wondering if he had come back and finally decided to pick up the slack and apologize first this time.

Knock! Knock!

“[Your Name], open up, please” those thoughts were quick to disappear the minute you heard [Female Friend]’s soft voice flutter through the door followed by more knocking. Sluggishly you slid off the bed, dragging your sock clad feet across the floorboards of your home before stopping at the front door, blankly staring down its wooden surface. “[Your Name]?” [Female Friend] quietly mumured on the other side, gently knocking on the door once more.

“What do you want? Leave me be to wallow in my own misery” your voice sounded horse from the violent sobs that had ripped through your throat since the fight had broken out and up until now.

“No” was the only response you got, and the knocking continued, now growing in volume. “I’ll keep knocking until your neighbors are forced to call the landlord” she firmly told you as you continued to blankly stare at the door. Wondering how she even knew about the fight, then again, [Female Friend] seemed to have eyes everywhere. She knew everyone and everything about this small little community you lived in, it was the one thing about her that always disturbed you. After a minute or two passed, you finally heaved a sigh, arm sluggishly lifting and barely putting any effort in both unlocking and opening the wooden door.

The minute it opened just a sliver of a crack, you stumbled backwards as [Female Friend] came strutting in. Her face twisted up in a strange mixture of anger and worry as she slammed the door shut behind her. Quick to advance towards you and throw both her arms around your shoulders, you didn’t fight against her as she pressed your face into her bosom and started to rank her fingers through your hair. Cooing out words in a tone that was anything but comforting. She sounded like she was suppressing her anger, trying her best not to break out screaming and cursing the name of the man she hated with her whole being.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay” she seemed to calmly repeat, slowly leading the two of you to the couch before sitting you both down. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at one of the pictures that hung up on your wall of both you and [Male Name]. A picture of back when the relationship was still new and you both were still getting use to the idea of dating. A time when the fighting was at a minimum and there was no guilt tripping or blaming involved when one did break out.

“How’d you find out? It’s only been…I don’t fucking know, maybe three hours since the fight broke out” you mumbled after a long period of silence. Eyes now stinging as you tiredly let them flutter shut, taking slow and calming breathes. Wishing that this pain in your chest would just go away.

“That doesn’t matter” was the only response you got, [Female Friend] continuing to lightly drag her fingers through your hair as she leaned back into the couch. “[Your Name], you need-”

“Don’t say it” you suddenly interrupted, lips twitching downwards as you felt a lump in your throat. Already knowing what she was about to say. “You say it every time and the answers always the same, so please, just don’t say it.”

“But, this isn’t healthy! You need to cut him from your life, this is getting ridiculous!” [Female Friend] huffed, you could hear her heartbeat with how hard she was pressing your head against her chest. Trying her damnedest to comfort you. “Why do you keep going back? Do you like the pain he causes you?” her eyebrows were now knitted together in worry as the questions started to flow from her mouth like a flood.

“I already told you, I don’t want to be lonely” you mumbled, snuggling closer. Wishing to hear more of that beautiful melody that you called your friend’s heartbeat. It was strange how much that sound brought comfort to you. You soon feel how her chest puffs out as she sucks in a large amount of air before heaving a loud sigh.

“I know” she mumbled back as it grew quiet once more. It wasn’t long before you soon found yourself starting to doze off, only to flinch as your friend suddenly straightened her posture, a gasp slipping pass her lips as she looked like she just had a brilliant idea. “A pet!” she suddenly exclaimed as you pulled away from her, now disturbed by her sudden mood change.

“A pet?” you echoed, raising an eyebrow as you watched her happily nod her head up and down.

“That’s right! You said you don’t want to be lonely, then get a pet so you can dump that fucker’s ass” [Female Friend] widely smiled, her chest suddenly puffed out and swelling with pride at her sudden thought. “Maybe a cat-no! You should get a dog; their hyperactive personalities are sure to pick up your mood!” you couldn’t stop your lips from twitching upwards when you spotted how pleased she looked with herself. Giving a breathless laugh before closing your eyes in thought.

“I’ll think about it” you breathed out after a moment of silence.

-Time Skip-

Your eyes blankly stared at each animal you passed by as the employee led you through the backroom of the shelter. Each one looking cute and cuddly in your eyes, it made you frown remembering how poor you were and how limited your choices were. In the back of your mind you couldn’t help but think how you would adopt every animal in this shelter if you just had the money and resources. But, at last, you had to be careful with your choice. Keeping in mind how small your apartment was and how you needed enough money to keep both you and your new companion alive and well.

“See any you like?” the employee—Jaden written on his name tag—asked as he peered back at you. Motioning with a hand at all the cages. You didn’t answer right away, continuing to stare at the animals that in return stared back with wide glossy eyes that almost made your already aching heart hurt even more. Fuck, this was why you tried to avoid places like this, knowing you’d wind up broke on an impulse to give all these adorable creatures a good home with lots of love and care. Just as you started to open your mouth, ready to just pick and get the immense amount of guilt you were bound to feel for only picking one of these precious dogs out of all of the others out of the way. You stopped, ears twitching at the sudden sound of growling coming from somewhere else in the shelter.

Jaden raised an eyebrow, quick to follow you the minute your feet started to move on their own, mind curious to find the animal that was growling while the rest were whimpering. “Hey, ma’am, you can’t go back there” the young man piped up, eyes widening when he noted you were entering a more secluded area of the shelter. You came to a stop the minute you stepped through an open doorway, spotting more cages that lined the wall, the animals in them barely looking your way as they tiredly laid sleeping in their confined spaces. They all looked rugged and less than desirable, some looked like they had been caught up in fights and others looked like they had their beauty snatched away from years of being out on the streets on their own. The growling was louder this time, sounding more like the animal that was kicking up a fuss was enraged in this “prison” of theirs.

“Ma’am, you really shouldn’t be back here” Jaden nervously said, eyes shifting from you to the open doorway, as if frightened his boss would come bursting through. Ready to chew him out for allowing you to enter a room that was normally cut off from people. You had an inkling this was where the animals that were put on “death row” would normally be placed. Away from the public eye and separated from the other animals as they awaited to be put down for acting up in violent ways or not being able to get adopted after a certain period of time. You only ignored the young man, feet lightly moving forward before finally stopping in front of the cage that held the culprit of the growls you were hearing.

He was quite large, bigger than any of the other dogs that inhabited this shelter. His appearance was quite rugged, with dark fur that was coated in dirt and matted down in certain places with dried mud. You winced at the sight of the large scar that ran over his left eye and you could barely make out the scar that seemed to run down from his left shoulder and all the way down to his right hip. Beauty was not on this dog’s side you noted, eyes watching how his lips drew back and started to snarl at the sight of you, fur standing up on end. “Those are some sharp teeth” you whistled upon the sight of the pearly whites, noting how easy it would be for the animal to rip you to shreds if you got close enough to him.

“Yeah, almost ripped the feeder’s arm off on the first day we got him” Jaden mumbled, walking up beside you. You only hummed, not really listening to what the man had to say, too distracted examining the animal before you. The longer you stared the more you started to feel a strange tugging sensation in your chest, one that was just barely there and would have been easy to brush off as nothing more than your heart still aching over [Male Name], who still hadn’t contacted you since the fight.

“Is he part wolf?” you suddenly asked, head tilting to the side as you took a step closer to the catch, causing the animal’s growling to grow in volume. His body now crouching low as if he were preparing to pounce. This didn’t seem to frighten you as you lifted a hand and pressed it against the cold surface of the chain link fence that served as the door to his cage.

“He could have some wolf in him, he sure eats like one” Jaden rubbed the back of his neck as he awkwardly shuffled around in place. Still nervously throwing glances back at the open doorway. “He only accepts raw meat, nothing else” he muttered as you hummed in response.

“I’m guessing he’s back here because…” you didn’t have to finish that sentence, the man already nodding his head as he already knew what you were about to say. It grew silent after that with only the animal's growling filling the air. “I’ll take him.”

“W-what?” Jaden gave you a baffled look, not quite understanding what he just heard as he watched you pull your gaze away from the animal and looked him right in the eyes. You didn’t know why, but it felt like there was a small voice whispering in the back of your head, begging you to adopt the animal and save him from his fate. You had no doubt that the man in front of you must have thought you were crazy, wanting to adopt an animal that basically looked ready to pounce you and sink his teeth in your neck. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I said, I’ll take him” you calmly repeated, lips twitching upwards into a gentle smile as you looked back towards the burly animal. Watching how his growls started to slowly die down, ears still flat against his skull and body still crouched low as he curiously watched you with his one good eye. Now that you looked at it, you noted how it’s color was like an emerald with specks of gold splatted along in it. It was such a pretty color, nothing like [Male Name]’s boring eye color. Jaden stared at you, owlishly blinking his eyes as he tried to think of a million reasons why you should turn around and pick one of the friendlier animals up front. But, the longer he stared at you and saw the gentle look in your [Eye Color] eyes, he finally just heaved a sigh.

“I guess, we can work something out” he muttered, watching how your eyes lit up with a kind of happiness that even you didn’t understand.


You watched as the man shakily reached out a hand to the snarling animal. Leash clenched in his other hand as he thickly swallowed. Frighten by the thought of losing his hand. “Come on big guy, I’m just going to put this leash on-ah!” Jaden screamed, jumping away from the animal’s snapping jaw. Face pale as he tightly clutched the leash close to his chest and violently shook.

Gaze switching between the violent animal and you multiple times as a look of regret soon crossed his features. You felt a mixture of amusement and pity for the man, noting how his feet subconsciously backed away from the growling animal despite still needing to put the leash around him. “May I?” you asked, prying the leash from the employee’s hand and dropping to your knees in front of the animal, barely flinching as the dog snarled at you. Once again showing off his pearly whites.

“Ma’am, I h-have this under control, no n-need to-” you held a hand up, motioning for the man to be silent as you maintain eye contact with the canine. Knowing you couldn’t show any fear or weakness to the animal, it needed to understand that you were now its owner and it wasn’t going to scare you away. Again, you felt a slight tug at your chest, but chose to ignore it once again.

“Hey there, buddy, no need to be frightened” you smiled, ignoring the look Jaden gave you, the man questioning if you knew the different between being frighten and being vicious. “I’m not going to hurt you, see” you lifted one hand out to the animal, letting it just hover there in midair. He continued to growl, mouth slightly open as if he was ready to snatch up the hand you held out and sink his teeth in its tender flesh, but suddenly stopped as he took a small whiff of the air. As the growling started to die out once more, the animal leaned forward and started to sniff your hand all around. As if suddenly entranced by your scent.

“What?” Jaden blinked his eyes, taken aback as this canine that was intimidating just moments ago suddenly calmed down. The snarl he once wore now disappearing and replaced with a sudden happy expression, ears perked up and tongue lulling out of his mouth as if just the smell of you was enough to calm him. Even you were confused for a few moments, not understanding the animal's sudden change in attitude. But, before you could really dwell on what had happened your eyes widen at the sharp tug on your chest, heart suddenly twisting in agonizing pain as your body jerked forward. Arms quick to wrap around the animal in front of you as not to face plant the concrete ground.

What was that? It felt like someone had just tightly wrapped something around your heart and harshly tugged on it until it felt like the organ was going to burst. But, just as quickly as the pain had come, it ended the minute your fingers were entangled in the dog’s fur and your face was pressed against his chest. Making it look like you were giving him a hug. Jaden was even confused by your sudden movements, only to brush it off as you being excited that your new pet had been quick to adjust to you. You barely paid the young man any mind as he started to speak, giving you slight praise for being able to get the animal to trust you so quickly and wanted to know your technique despite watching you just hold out your hand.

You were confused, pulling away from the animal to rest a hand on your chest. Was this something you should be concern about? Did you need to see a doctor? You didn’t get to continue mentally questioning yourself when you felt a tongue suddenly lick up the side of your face, causing you to tense and shiver at the wet feeling of the dog’s saliva on your cheek. Jaden grew quiet at the sight before smiling as he gave a breathless chuckle. No longer feeling the need to worry for your safety. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder what you did to change the animal’s mood so quickly.
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